Veneers Hollywood

Treating stained or discolored teeth is more convenient than ever with porcelain veneers.  These consist of thin shells that are placed in front of your teeth and help you recover a beautiful smile.  They are comfortable and can produce fast results.  The cosmetic improvement your smile receives can be dramatic.

Dr. Louie incorporates advanced cosmetic artistry into his porcelain veneers treatments in Los Angeles, which enables him to deliver a rewarding result.  Veneers create an inexpensive way to resolve cosmetic dental concerns such as chipped, stained, or discolored teeth.

The procedure begins after an impression of your teeth has been designed.  The impression evaluates your teeth’s bite and position to determine the fit of the veneers.  After they have been produced, your teeth will be cleaned with specialized rinsing liquids.

Following the preparation of the teeth, the veneers are placed onto the surface and dried with a curing light.  The final result is a renewed smile free of stains, discoloration, and chips.

Dr. Louie is popular for his veneers treatments, which has benefitted numerous patients around the region.  To schedule your veneers consultation, please contact us today.

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