When chipped or cracked teeth become a problem, dental bonding can provide a high quality restoration.  This procedure uses a composite resin that molds teeth into the ideal shape. Chipped or cracked teeth can be re-shaped to look restored and renewed. This treatment also works for stained teeth, providing a cosmetic revamp that improves your aesthetic presentation.

Dr. Louie is a skilled Hollywood dental bonding specialist who uses both his clinical and artistic expertise to create the most optimal results.  Dental bonding begins by using a minor etching solution applied to the teeth to create a surface ready to be bonded. Small channels are formed on the tooth enamel, providing a rough surface that will accept the bonding material.

A pliable composite resin will be placed onto the teeth and adjusted to the most desirable shape.  The resin will eventually harden and be colored to match the color of your teeth.  This makes the bonding appear natural and compatible with the rest of your smile.  Additional layers of resin can be used to increase the amount of coating over the teeth to the ideal depth.

Dental bonding resolves a number of dental concerns and issues.  Gaps between teeth can be easily closed, discolored, aesthetic problems covered, and chipped teeth reshaped. It will not treat all problems, but can be versatile in treating various dental issues.

The procedure is tolerable to most patients and does not require extensive surgical procedures. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Louie to know more about the benefits of dental bonding and how it can change your smile.

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