Kirsten, Lora and Tova are the office administrators. They will welcome you with friendly attitude and will work with you to give you the utmost assistance you need, from the moment you contact our office.They will address your concerns in a professional and positive manner to ensure you get the best service you deserve.

Kirsten has many years of experience in the dental field, specifically with customer service and patient relations. She is passionate about helping patients and is particularly interested in making sure they feel comfortable at our office. An expert in overseeing scheduling, insurance claims, billing and financial arrangements. she will work with patients to find the best possible way to meet their dental needs and provide unparalleled customer service experience.

is our treatment coordinator. She welcomes new patients, schedules appointments and loves to educate our patients about procedures that we offer at our office. She will attend to patient’s needs to help start their treatment with ease.

‘s love and concern for our patients ensures that everyone who walks through our doors receives the personalized and professional care that they deserve. She will coordinate with the entire office to help our experts create a complete and quality experience for all of our friends and family!

Allison, Mina, Jacqueline and Len are trained and skilled dental assistants. Their excellent technical and communication skills bring warmth and welcoming environment for patients. Alla and Mina’s advanced training and continuing education courses and seminars keep them abreast of the very latest technology in dental field. They will make sure that patients will get a pleasant experience every visit.

has been working with Dr. Louie for over 15 years. Her sensitivity, understanding, and calmness helps phobic patients proceed with the treatment they need.

has been working with Dr. Louie for over 13 years. Her energetic and fun-loving attitude brings light atmosphere to the office.


Jacqueline, our dental assistant, is passionate about the dental field and looks forward to each day working with patients at our practice. She is knowledgeable in various cosmetic and general dentistry services, making sure you get your questions answered.



Len is one of our greatest assets around the office. Deeply knowledgeable within the industry, she masterfully assists every patient and our entire staff ensuring an efficient and effective experience for everyone.


Sherry, Bebe, Massy, Susan and Valentina are excellent dental hygienists. They are highly trained in their profession and their expertise helps improve patients’ hygiene. They educate patients regarding their oral hygiene to make them understand and help them improve their overall health.

has more than 20 years of experience being a dental hygienist. She is a highly dedicated professional who is eager to help patients in the most prompt manner. Her work with patients have helped them become more informed about their treatment plans and goals.

is an enthusiastic dental hygienist who has been working with patients for over 20 years. The passion she shows in her work has helped her provide great dental experiences that go far beyond patient expectations. She has a great eye for detail and oral hygiene.

has been a dental hygienist for more than 30 years. The knowledge and expertise she obtained over the years show her professionalism in working with patient’s oral hygiene.

has been a dental hygienist for more than 18 years. She is a wonderful hygienist, and she works with patients with such gentleness and precision. Her eagerness to inform will help patients understand more about the details of their proper oral care.

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