Lumineers Hollywood

Lumineers work in the same manner as traditional porcelain ones, except they are reversible and can be comfortably applied without the need to remove pieces of tooth enamel.  The benefits are prominent and can be seen quickly after the treatment.

The comfort that Lumineers provide are due to their thickness, which are half that of traditional veneers.  Their durability is augmented by their success in lasting multiple years or even decades.

If you are experiencing cosmetic problems that prevent you from enjoying a confident smile, veneers  offer a highly recommended solution.  The dental concerns they address include:

  • Tooth Stains and Undesired Discoloration
  • Misshaped and Misaligned Teeth
  • Chipped Teeth
  • Damaged Restorations

Lumineers provide a successful result that can be visible after only two visits. The thin shells are completely adjusted to match the natural features of your teeth.  This is possible after a mold of your smile has been created and analyzed.

The primary benefits of Lumineers ensure your smile is improved without any amount of saving.  They are fitted onto the front surface, bonded, and dried with a specialized light source.  Your new smile will be highly improved following this treatment.

If you’re looking for a complete cosmetic dental transformation with Lumineers, Dr. Louie in Hollywood can be your specialist.  To schedule a consultation, please call our office today.

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