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A dental crown, or cap, completely covers the tooth.  It is composed of porcelain or other forms of ceramic material. For some treatments, porcelain crowns can extend their longevity by being fused to strong metal.

Hollywood dental crowns dentist Dr. Shervin Louie uses the safest and cosmetically beneficial material for his crowns treatments.  You are candidate if your teeth have experienced extensive damage or decay.

During crown placement, your teeth will be evaluated to ensure it has the space to accommodate the material. Your bite will be saved as an impression and examined to create a mold.  The restoration will be created from porcelain material and will be customized in color to match the natural appearance of your teeth.  You will also receive a temporary restoration while the final crowns are being fabricated.

After the crowns have been securely placed, your teeth will need time for healing and adjustment.  Increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures can be possible during this recovery stage.  You can prescribe ibuprofen to manage any soreness affecting the gums.

If you are considering a dental crown to restore a damaged or decayed tooth, you can call our office today and schedule your consultation.

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