Dental implants Hollywood

Missing teeth can create vulnerabilities for your dental health.  When not treated, tooth gaps cause eventual bone deterioration.  This can reduce the strength of the jaw and cause pain around that area.  In addition, you may also experience a loose facial appearance, migraines, and tension.  Dr. Louie presents a rewarding solution to treating missing teeth through dental implant procedures at his Hollywood office.

Dental implants are popular remedies for missing teeth due to their effectiveness in restoring all aspects of your smile.  A titanium post is designed and surgically inserted onto your jawbone.  This is performed using the safest drilling techniques.  Abutments are then placed onto the implant surface, which provide the replacement of the tooth root.

After the dental implants have been secured and fused with the surrounding bone tissue, the prosthetic tooth will be fabricated for the cosmetic restoration.  The most common restorations are crowns, and they provide additional protection for your teeth.  They are personalized to fit the appearance and function of your natural teeth.

The crowns are safely bonded onto the abutments and cleaned for a natural finish.  After this process, the treatment is finalized and you can see a new smile.  Dental implants may not be right for every patient, to determine if you are, please call us and schedule a consultation.

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