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An Invisalign procedure offers the convenient and comfortable route to restoring a vibrant and correctly aligned smile.   Braces are traditionally worn to correct tooth alignment, but they can produce nuisances of their own in maintenance and weight.  Invisalign delivers the same benefits under more comfortable conditions.

The aligners are produced to match the shape of your teeth and correct the alignment over time.  They are comfortable to wear and easy to integrate into your lifestyle.  The aligners are designed from clear plastic material that allows them to be invisible to other non-wearers.

During the treatment, you will replace the aligners every two weeks.  They correct the alignment of your teeth by exerting pressure and restoring them to their ideal position.  Replacing the aligners does not affect the quality of the treatment or the results.   You can expect a straightened and reinvigorated smile by the end of the treatment.  Your eating or brushing activities do not have to be adjusted to accommodate Invisalign aligners.

The results of Invisalign are proven by the experience of Hollywood dentist Dr. Shervin Louie.  If you are affected by misaligned teeth and wish to see a straight smile again, please call us today to schedule an Invisalign consultation.

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